Prof. Sanjeev Sonawane

Emerging Technologies to make Inclusion a reality

Prof.  Sanjeev Sonawane

The inclusion of students with intellectual & developmental disabilities and other disadvantaged section of the society in educational settings is a central of creating inclusive school culture. For last few decades many country’s education systems have begun including students of all abilities in to regular classroom and making inclusion as one of the feature of school culture. But reviewing the status of inclusive education globally it revels there is lot of work to be done for true inclusion especially country like India. Identifying the barriers and breaking barriers those by using advance technology is the one of the vital way to succeed inclusion

Many advanced technologies are emerging and available which can make students with disabilities an independent learner. In this presentation I will share some of the advanced assistive technologies like Screen readers, Screen magnifiers, Scanning and Reading technologies, Speech recognition technologies, sign language interpreter’s tools, Tactile graphics embossing technologies, DAISY book production technologies and many more along with how to select appropriate technology as per the personal needs? What type of basic training to use it and modify or design? So that mass personalized education will be available to each needy for main streaming not only in education but also in profession.